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Information for clients

"PSK Inspiration" Building Company has been working in the construction market for 15 years. Our activity covers all services rendered by any general contracting organization. We specialize in and offer our licensed services in the field of design, construction and reparation of any production, dwelling and office premises.

Principal directions of our activity are the following:

Construction and reconstruction of building and structures

General construction work at every stage - staring from preparatory work and finishing with "turn key" commissioning. They include land measuring accomplished on building sites, preparatory work, earthwork, stonework.

Arrangement and assembling of concrete, reinforced concrete, wooden as well as lightweight filer structures.Insulation work, roofwork Land improvement

Functioning as General Contactor. Finishing.

Finishing includes fa?ade work, plastering, modeling, glazing, facing decorative finishing work. As well as assembling of counter (stretched) ceiling, panels and faced plates.

Functioning as Developer Customer.

Receipt and arrangement of initial data for designing of construction plot, technical and economic assessment, specifications for connection of any engineering communications, construction data sheet.

Preparation of project statement - technical accompaniment of project stage (control of the development of construction documents, its coordination in the established order, submission to the expertise authorities for approval, to the organization of General Contactor).

Drawing up of permissive documents for construction and reconstruction, control of terms of validity of issued specifications for connection of any engineering communications.

Provision of construction territory clearing (removal of people, withdrawal of organizations and structures subject to demolition and reconstruction, settlement of other matters connected with preparation of plots for production of works) Organization of construction management. Engineering supervision.

Building design.

Development of all kinds of project documents for the construction of any dwelling, public, production and agricultural structures, buildings and complexes.

Architectural and construction solutions, Engineering equipment, networks and systems, Special sections of project documents, Estimate documents, Examination of technical state of buildings and structures

You can get more information about the results of our work in Our works Section.

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