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Our works
7 Derbenevskaya naberezhnaya, bulk 13.
total area of the bulk - 3619 sq. m., number of floors - 3 floors (reconstruction) + an attic
7 Derbenevskaya naberezhnaya, bulk 22 (reconstruction).
Total area of the bulk - 25087 sq. m.
The equipment of a ventilated facade are face slabs "CYNOP", "CYMSTON" (Finland), using of out-of-door cladding panels of "Liberta", architectural construction materials (pilasters, column cap, semi-column), installation of windows PVC, incoming groups.
Office "TTC" (Nipcon Technology Center)
Interior finishing of class "A"
Saint-Petersburg, avenue Medikov
Customer: CJS company "GELIS TOWN"
Works are executed according to the developed project and wishes of the Main Architect of Limited Liability Company "Remark" Muhanova S.V.
Siding of building face with sandwich-panels "PAROC" (Finland), "Petropanel" (St. Petersburg) out-of-door cladding panels type of "Liberta", and sole plate - ceramic granite. Glazing - PolyVinylChloride profile, aluminium ""Tatproff" the equipment of incoming groups.
MiG - Hall
MiG - Convention Hall
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